Stay Balanced ®

KEEL Vodka

Welcome to the world of KEEL Vodka. KEEL is a refreshing premium light spirit with just the right amount of alcohol. Crafted so you can go light, stay balanced, and achieve more tomorrow.

KEEL founders Tom McGowan, Bill Dessel and Matt Light, a former New England Patriot, were looking to create an experience unparalleled to anything on the market. With the purest rocky mountain water and exceptional smoothness, KEEL Vodka is a Premium Light Spirit® unmatched in quality and drinkability. 

KEEL makes for perfect cocktails such as the 72 & Sunny

72 & Sunny, one of KEEL’s first signature cocktails, is meant for one of those beautiful sunny summer days. This recipe is refreshing, light, and perfect for a relaxed afternoon by the water.


  • Heavy pour of KEEL
  • Splash of soda water
  • Splash of Lemonade
  • Sprig of mint
  • Ice
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